Our Current Officers...

Who we are...

Growers of Obscenely Large Vegetables

PGVG President                                 Steve Daletas        onegiantpumpkin@aol.com             PGVG Vice President                         Brett Cooper          pumpkinguru@gmail.com
PGVG Secretary                                 Neal Leland           nil.bert@hotmail.com
PGVG Treasurer                                 Lori Sherwood       lorijsherwood@gmail.com
PGVG Past President                         Larry Nelson          larry.nelson82@yahoo.com
PGVG Members at Large                   Charity Marshall    charity@marshallmania.com  
                                                            David Marvin         davidmarvin3@comcast.net
                                                            Andy Hendersen   ahendersen@oldmillfeed.com
PGVG Newsletter Committee Chair   Sandy Wheeler      sandynkiki@aol.com
PGVG Outreach Committee Chair     Jef Treece              treece@gsp.org
PGVG Seed Committee Chair            Steve Daletas        onegiantpumpkin@aol.com
PGVG Weighoff Coordinators            Jim Sherwood        fishroadfarm@canby.com
                                                            Brent Savage        oregonangler@comcast.net
GPC Historian                                     Jack LaRue           jasher@scattercreek.com

 The Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers (PGVG) is first and foremost an association of gardeners. Our purpose is to promote and encourage the hobby of gardening with a focus placed on the fun of competition and the production of obscenely large healthy vegetables, with an emphasis on pumpkins, as well as recognition of all fruits and vegetables on the international competition list defined by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC). We will, to the best of our ability, treat each and every member equally and fairly. We will listen to concerns of our members and strive for resolutions to problems. We will continue to improve our organization for the benefit of our members. We will share gardening tips and information and help to encourage new members and new gardeners. We will encourage individuals and families to enjoy gardening together. The hobby of gardening should be fulfilling, rewarding and above all fun for everyone involved. This is our intent and our mission.