PGVG President                                 Steve Daletas             PGVG Vice President                         Brett Cooper
PGVG Secretary                                 Neal Leland 
PGVG Treasurer                                 Lori Sherwood
PGVG Past President                         Larry Nelson
PGVG Members at Large                   Charity Marshall  
                                                            David Marvin
                                                            Andy Hendersen
PGVG Newsletter Committee Chair   Sandy Wheeler
PGVG Outreach Committee Chair     Jef Treece    
PGVG Seed Committee Chair            Steve Daletas
PGVG Weighoff Coordinators            Jim Sherwood
                                                            Larry Nelson
                                                            Brent Savage
GPC Historian                                     Jack LaRue 

Our Current Officers...

Who we are...

 The Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers (PGVG) is first and foremost an association of gardeners.  Our purpose is to promote and encourage the hobby of gardening with emphasis placed on the fun of competition and the production of obscenely large healthy vegetables.  The vegetable of main concern will be the pumpkin, however there are other vegetables on the list for international competition and awards.

Growers of Obscenely Large Vegetables