Bauman's Weighoff 2016 In Gervais, Oregon

Bauman's Weighoff, October 3rd, 2015 In Gervais, Oregon

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2016 Terminator Weighoff Tualatin, Oregon

2017 PGVG Patch and Virtual Tour

2015 PGVG Patch Tour

August 8th, 2015.  Enjoyed a virtual tour of 10 patches and ended with a BBQ and patch tour of the Cooper's patch.  Hope to see you there in 2016.

2014 Terminator and Regatta

October 18th, 2014.  Our annual Weighoff and Pumpkin Boat Race.  Need we say more?

Revisit Past Events

2015 Terminator and Regatta, October 17th, Tualatin, Oregon