Bauman's Weighoff 2016 In Gervais, Oregon

2014 Terminator and Regatta

October 18th, 2014.  Our annual Weighoff and Pumpkin Boat Race.  Need we say more?

2015 PGVG Patch Tour

August 8th, 2015.  Enjoyed a virtual tour of 10 patches and ended with a BBQ and patch tour of the Cooper's patch.  Hope to see you there in 2016.

Upcoming PGVG Event Details

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Upcoming Events quick glance...PGVG members

We will be holding our quarterly board and membership meeting February 3rd, 9 am at Bauman Farms. Your input and involvement in the process will help ensure that we keep moving in the right direction. Please consider attending.

   The meeting will start at 9am sharp so plan on arriving at 8:45am.
Election of PGVG officers will take place at the end of the Board meeting. Positions open are President, Vice President, Secretary and One member at large. PLEASE, consider throwing your name into the hat. If your unable to attend but would like to be considered for a position please email or call.

 Seed packing Party: The annual membership seed packing party will commence at the conclusion of the board meeting and election of officers/ Pizza will be provided. This is a great opportunity to lend a hand and get the juices starting to flow for  the upcoming season.
PGVG Board and membership meeting February 3rd at 9am
Location: Bauman Farms (Meeting will be held in the large greenhouse just North of the general store).

February 3rd Agenda
Call to order:
Welcome announcement:
Approval of agenda: (Review,correct,delete or add)
*  Secretary's Report (Approval of previous meetings minutes) / Neal Leland. *  Treasurers Report / Lori Sherwood.
 *  Seed Committee Report / Steve Daletas  *  PGVG Web site / Charity Marshall
*  Club Newsletter Report / Sandy Wheeler  *  Outreach Committee Report / Jef Treece  *  GPC News / Jim Sherwood
OLD BUSINESS ( Anything brought up at previous meeting that requires an update)
 *  Thank you Bauman Farms, Tualatin / Neal 
 *  Pictures sent to members / Charity Marshall *  Pictures / Club use...Club discussion *  Solicit newsletter Articles / Sandy Wheeler
*  Auction "war room"  Steve Daletas  *  GPC seminar 2018 / Jim Sherwood  *  Election of new club officers / Neal Leland
 * Newsletter brainstorm at each board meeting  Hope to see you all in a few days

          Steve Daletas


2015 Terminator and Regatta, October 17th, Tualatin, Oregon

2016 Terminator Weighoff Tualatin, Oregon

Bauman's Weighoff, October 3rd, 2015 In Gervais, Oregon

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2017 PGVG Patch and Virtual Tour