PGVG Growers-


Please join us for our upcoming seed auction on Sunday, January 3rd, 5:00 PST.   We've got an amazing list of seeds to sell this year!  Special thanks goes to the seed procurement team, the many growers who have donated seeds, equipment, time or consultation services and Russ Pugh for building the Lot List!  If you haven't already peeked at the list you may preview it here:


As many of you know this auction is our primary mode of revenue generation for the club and allows us to have two of the most exciting and monetarily stable weigh-offs in the world.  Please support our club by bidding on, and hopefully winning, seeds that you will grow that new personal best.  If you've never joined one of the auctions, it's easy:

just jump on over to this Sunday at 5
take a look at the "Chat Activity" box on the lower left hand corner of the home page
click on our auction link



Grow 'em big!


Brian Williams

PGVG Treasurer



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